Tropical Green: by Metropolis Magazine                                         Miami, 2006

Recent events in South Florida, nationwide, and around the world have brought to light shortcomings
in how our society is equipped to deal with natural disasters and energy shortages.  This
conference brings together experts in the field of Ecological / Sustainability educating the design
industry on green building, green products, and a greener way of life.

PIE would like the opportunity to showcase how Adaptive Reuse of elements within our environment
and infrastructure, as damaged during hurricanes Wilma and Katrina, can have new life as components
of new and dynamic spaces.  Materials such as metal pipes, tree branches and mulch are collected
from various hurricane debris sites in South Florida.  Some of these materials are limited and we
have to carefully design according to the quantity.  

Design Concept:  disturbance events

Chaos Theory has been used to try and predict hurricane patterns.  “Chaos often breeds life, when
order breeds habit.” Complex structures could be created and derived from simple structures.  Small
changes or deviations from initial conditions can cause big changes.  Is it possible to predict how
a system may act?  Chaos theory believes in trying to predict hurricane patterns, it believes that
the smallest deviation in the formula will cause great changes (The Butterfly Effect).  It is also
said that, a fractal is a geometrical shape or pattern made up of identical parts, which are in
turn identical to the overall pattern. It is a complex geometrical object that has a high degree of

PIE, in collaboration with flux, a local design studio, along with architecture students from
Florida International University and Miami-Dade College would like to propose our concept of
creating an experience that exemplifies principles of a green environment.  

These installations will be in collaboration with our team and the Metropolis graphic design staff.
The installations will address the importance of eco-sustainability while unifying the branding of
Metropolis Magazine and the different sponsors of the tropical green symposium.

We have envisioned the creation of green installations in the following areas:  


Hurricane Katrina / Wilma Debris

Design + Construction time:

2 months

[fractal lab for underground experimental], a multidisciplinary design studio focuses on built environment. Created by Damian Ponton
and Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta.

Project team: Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta, Damian Ponton, Miguel Porras