DAY 01

1]        Ground work
2]        Deliver prefabricated primary and secondary structural members to site
3]        Prepare footings and piles as required in order to erect the house

DAY 02

1]        Erect prefabricated primary structure and core
2]        Deliver the rest of prefabricated unitizes units to site

DAY 03

1]        Erect the secondary structural members
2]        Preparing flooring systems and roofing system to be installed

DAY 04

1]        Install flooring systems and roofing system
2]        Contact owners for on site meeting

DAY 05

1]        Owners arrive on site to coordinate types and locations of partitions
2]        Install partitions, electrical wiring and piping  
3]        Coordinating types and colors of operable doors/walls

DAY 06

1]        Install operable doors/walls
2]        Coordinating with owners on site for locations of solid panels and translucent panels
3]         Install panels while coordinating types of appliances and bathroom utilities

DAY 07

1]        Install appliances and bathroom utilities
2]        Final walk-through and clean ups
3]        Hand delivers keys to the owners

Designed as Flux, Inc., an experimental studio focuses in built environment
Open House Competition:                             2001, Global (unbuilt)

The project derives through researches and understanding of three major principles of
living systems.  These three important principles are sheltering, affordable construction,
and ecological system.


prefabricated steel, Teflon fabric, aluminum panels, Lucite panels, wood

Design + Construction time:

7 days

Flux [fractal lab for underground experimental], a multidisciplinary design studio focuses on built environment.
Created by Damian Ponton and Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta.