Feline Freezone:                                             Dania, Florida 2001

Commotion project by Adopt a Stray, a non-profit organization which helps find
homes for alley cats.  It is an experimental project since the scale that matters
in this case is not a human scale.  The term “Alley” (space between two walls)
became the initial concept of this project.  The project explores gaps between
walls, floors and roofs, inside and outside.  The other challenge was to understand
cats’ behavior as an individual or as a group, the separation between sick cats and
healthy cats, males and females, human and cats.  The construction techniques must
be simple and affordable.  All building materials are to be donated from local
construction materials stores.


Cast in place concrete
Concrete blocks
Galvanized metal fence

Design + Construction time:


Flux [fractal lab for underground experimental], a multidisciplinary design studio focuses on built environment.
Created by Damian Ponton and Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta.