WASTED installation: Are you done with that?                                NYC, 2008

The effects of industrialization and mass production have become apparent and
unavoidable. The products of our everyday lives such as milk jugs, water bottles, wire
hangers, egg cartons, milk crates, and even keys, have become materials whose affective
properties can be expressed in new and imaginative ways. Through abstraction and
repetition, the notion that these products should be used once and then discarded is
challenged.  This is a statement of (re)purpose, that the products that enter our daily
lives should not be deemed obsolete so quickly. By redefining what these products can
do, designers can extend the short productive life span in between Pre-consumer +
Post-consumer periods. In this sense, adaptive reuse goes beyond recycling.

Unlike the notion of recycling, the intent of adaptive reuse is to repurpose.  
Repurposing uses no energy other than that required to spark the human imagination. The
hope is to inspire viewers who experience this space to ask themselves if they're really
done with the ubiquitous objects of consumer culture.  The idea exists as a paradox that
asks current and future designers to envision new products that aren't really new at all.

This exhibition is an idea. A work in progress that looks at different ways in which
repurposed products can be engaging spatially and affectively. It raises the possibility
that if we are to question the intentions of design on the global scale we might be able
to move beyond what designer Bruce Mau verily identifies as the highest order of success
in design: banality.


Water bottles:                    500+
Milk jugs:                        200+
Dry clean wire hanger:            1,190
Egg crates:                       75
Plastic bottle caps:              100+
Defected keys        :            1000+
Defected dense boards:            75+

Design + Production time

4 months

Design Team:

Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta,        Design Director
Michelle Sribyatta,               Managing Director
Fabiana Godoy,                    Project Manager / Designer
Brennan Baxley                    Designer
Damian Ponton                     Designer
George Valdes                     Designer
Adrian von der Osten              Designer

Special Thanks for the Installation:

Maria Contreras, Rachel Ferrell, Daniel Godoy, Leslie Goldberg, Jose Gonzalez,
Stephanie Guasp, Cecilia Hernandez, Stephan Knipschild, Martha Lopez, Carla Lores,
Jamie Maloney, Emily Navarrette, Natalie Peraza, Alex Pina, Denise Ponton, Ali
Qureshi, Nicole Richner, Azra Samiee, Bruno Sanabria, Glen Santayana, Jeanelle
Seriane-Consuegra, Jovanna Suarez, Michael Valdes